Co-Leader Cauley Talks About Windy Conditions at Valero Texas Open


Bud Cauley fired a second-round 6-under 66 to move into a tie for the lead at the Valero Texas Open after 36 holes. After his round, Cauley answered some questions from the media at TPC San Antonio.

Here’s a transcript of the Q & A session.

QUESTION: Great round of golf on a windy day. Six birdies out there, bogey-free.

BUD CAULEY: I played really well, yeah. Probably even hit it a little better yesterday, just didn’t quite convert on some of the putts and today I putted really well which kept me going through most of the round.

On Scrambling

QUESTION: By putting well you made more than 133 feet in putts and you were 8 for 8 scrambling, 9 of 10 for the week scrambling.

CAULEY: It was windy out there. I knew I was going to miss some greens and I was able to hit some good chips and I knew when I didn’t get it quite as close as I would like, rolled a few in.

On Holes 16 and 17

QUESTION: I always think a good round has to be coupled together by some good pars. Talk about your pars at 16 and 17.

CAULEY: Those were huge. I just hit the wrong club on 16 and I hit a good shot, just the wrong club and good chipping down there and made the putt.

Then 17 the wind was blowing so hard I had that long putt down — I felt the wind blowing into and gave a little too much. To make that one was huge because I knew 18 was playing down-wind and possibly get another birdie there. So the par at 17 was big.

On Lucky Break

QUESTION: That was a 12-footer you made for par, two-putt from 53 feet away. Got a nice kick at 18 off the corporate chalet. You took advantage of that the good break.

CAULEY: You can’t miss right there. I was trying to keep it up the left. Pulled it a little bit but got a good break and for it to end up where it did and hit a good pitch and rolled?

On Course

QUESTION: How do you think the course is going to play the rest of the afternoon and going into the weekend?

CAULEY: It keeps blowing like this it’s playing pretty tough. You have to get in the fairway around here. May dry out a little bit. The greens were a little receptive this morning but, yeah, I’m sure they’ll dry out.

On Short Game

QUESTION: You were impressive today. Tell us about your short game and why everything was coming together so well.

CAULEY: It saved me a lot today. It was windy and tough. I knew I was going to miss some greens. Was able to put it on the right spot for most of the time and save some shots out there.

On Wind

QUESTION: 6-under today. What was the wind doing out there and how did you manage it?

CAULEY: It was pretty steady as far as the direction of it blowing. It was blowing hard. You know, it seems like every hole is either straight down or straight into the wind. You kind of — you know what you’re getting and you try to par the holes that are playing tough into the wind and get a hole like 18 downwind try to take advantage of it.

Source: Pro Golf Weekly

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