Caddies at Wells Fargo Say Eagle Point is “Balls-to-the-Wall” Tough


The Wells Fargo Championship will be played at Eagle Point Golf Club in Wilmington, North Carolina, due to its regular course, Quail Hollow, hosting the PGA Championship this summer.

In ESPN’s Caddie Confidential the discussion weaves around this one-time stop and how it impacts the planning.

In one back and forth, ESPN’s Michael Collins asked one of the caddies if this was something of a week off, since they’ll probably never see it again. (Never mind that it would seem you’d have to work even harder, since you’ve never seen it before.)

The caddie laughed at Collins.

Collins: Not you particularly, but do you think there will be caddies who half-ass it this week with their homework since we’re not coming back to this venue anytime soon?

Caddie: (Laughing) Yeah, I know what you mean. I would think that the average caddie (or reporter) might look at it that way, but … this course is absolutely balls-to-the-wall-(difficult). That’s because of the greens. This course is a second-shot golf course.

Collins: Yeah?

Caddie: For the most part, the fairways are wide. The course is not overly long, but what makes this course difficult and challenging is the greens. It’s two things about the greens. One, there is a lot of movement in these greens and they’re running at 12 (on the Stimpmeter). Two, they’re firm on Tuesday! I’ll give you an example. We got to the 15th hole (a par-3), playing a practice round with (redacted name). We had the (distance) at 210 front, 223 total, and it’s a couple yards downhill. … The other caddie and I agree (on the wind). It’s a little right to left with a little bit of help. We know these greens are firm, so we’re just trying to land this maybe a couple (yards) on the front. They both hit two 5-irons each and all four balls come up 5 yards short of the green. We’re (the caddies) looking stupid. (The players) both pull out 4-irons and land it maybe 5 yards short of the hole. They (both) go over the green. We’re all standing there like, “Oh, OK.”this…

How Tough? Ask Paul Casey!

Credit: ESPN, Getty Images

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