Ian Poulter Gets Tour Card Reinstated


According the a report at GolfChannel.com, Ian Poulter didn’t lose his PGA Tour card, after all.

The Tour announced Saturday that Poulter actually will keep his card after recalibrating the FedEx Cup points structure for players competing on major medical extensions. Poulter said he was notified after his round Friday. [1]



“It’s obviously a big bit of good news. For the Tour to unanimously decide that was the fair thing to do, today puts me in a very different situation for playing my schedule and playing all the remaining events I’d like to play to keep going in the right direction.”
-Ian Poulter

Official Statement

The PGA Tour Statement via Golfweek:

Last year, the Policy Board approved a modification to the FedExCup Points Curve for the 2016-17 season to more accurately reflect the longstanding money breakdown used on the PGA Tour. This was done following the Policy Board’s elimination of the top-125 money category and minimized some significant discrepancies between the two lists, primarily in the region of 30th to 50th places (i.e., under the old FEC points curve, two 31st place finishes equaled a 9th place finish and a missed cut).

There are two members, Brian Gay and Ian Poulter, on major medical extensions who under the old FedExCup points system would have been over the threshold needed to retain fully-exempt status for the rest of the year, whereas under the new system they just barely fall short. Upon further review, this is due to the fact that the new points curve has significantly less points overall in the finishing positions from 15th to 68th.

Knowing that tournaments and purses change from year to year, the FedEx Cup points system is a true equalizer (in that every regular tournament counts the same) and it seems that the change to the FedEx Cup points curve unintentionally made it more difficult for these players to retain their exempt status. The spirit of the medical extension has always been to provide the same opportunity a player would have had if he had not been injured to retain his card, and in this case the bar was moved significantly.

The Tour has modified the conditions of the Major Medical Extension category to address this issue. Both members have been notified of the changes to their membership status, which resulted in additional exempt status. Additional players on Major Medical Extensions will play with the modified conditions as well. [2]


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